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The Artist

Born on November 12th 1840, Auguste Rodin was a notable French sculptor who is today referred to as the father of modern sculpture. His schooling was very traditional and he always approached his work as a craftsman. He always wanted to get a formal academic recognition but could never get into the Paris school of art.

Rodin was naturally gifted with clay work and could bring out deeply pocketed turbulent and complex emotions to his models. It was due to this that many of his works were criticized in his lifetime only later to be hailed as works of art. The reason being that at the time, sculptures were mostly mythological, allegory with traditional themes and lot of embellishment. Rodin wanted realism in his designs and preferred showcasing physicality with character too. While Rodin got affected by the criticism and controversy around his work, he never really changed his style. Eventually, with more works, he received favour from the government and after a while even from the artistic community.

His life as a sculpture revolved around the first major figures he made during his trip to Italy and ended with commissioned works he undertook later on. As his reputation grew, his demand too and finally his wealth bulged. Wealthy private clients approached him to make sculptures of theirs and soon he was considered as an influential artist. He also married his lifelong partner, Rose Beuret but only in the last years of their lives. However, after his death in 1917, his work suffered a popularity drop but soon in a few decades, the legacy was re-established.